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UK gospel artist Rae Rae releases much anticipated single, 'It’s You'.

With the singer’s signature soothing vocals and profound lyrics, the second single of the year from celebrated artist Rae Rae has an irresistible R ’n’ B vibe. Describing the songwriting process as 'effortless', the inspiration for this track came from a moment of encounter in Rae Rae’s worship time.

“It all started when I was listening to a worship instrumental and the words, 'Father it’s you that I love, it’s you that I want, It’s You' came to me," talking about her faith and personal journey, Rae Rae shares her heart behind her latest song.

She adds, "'It’s You' is about acknowledging that I can’t do this life without God. He’s been my guide even when I’ve been unsure of what my future holds, He’s been my hope when I’ve felt like giving up on my dreams, and He’s been my Father, always protecting me!”

‘It’s You’ is a melodic, atmospheric track that draws on Rae Rae’s talent for lyrics and harmonies. While the song has a truly relaxed, inviting, feel, it carries a strong message: a reminder that we can always call on God and He’ll always show up.

“When I sing this song, I have to deliver it softly because it’s so heartfelt! Honestly, this song gives me a warmth that I can’t really explain.” Rae Rae on singing ‘It’s You’.

With an encouragement to stay grateful and an invitation to run straight back to our loving Fathers’ arms, this relatable song is easy to connect with and will appeal to people at different stages of life.

Written by Rae Rae, and produced by Andre Fisher, It's You is now available on your preferred streaming platform. Stream 'It's You' here

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