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Canadian JUNO Nominee, Daniel Ojo and Grammy Award Winner Vashawn Mitchell team up in new single: "We Win"

Daniel Ojo, Vashawn Mitchell

In a harmonious fusion of talent and faith, Canadian JUNO Nominee Gospel Artist, Daniel Ojo, collaborates with the illustrious Vashawn Mitchell to deliver an anthem of hope, faith, and victory: "We Win." This powerful composition not only showcases the remarkable prowess of these two gospel giants but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for believers worldwide.

"We Win" is more than just a song; it's a testament to the unwavering strength found in faith and the triumph that accompanies it. With its uplifting melody and poignant lyrics, the track resonates deeply with listeners, reminding them that no matter the challenges they face, victory is assured through Christ. As Daniel Ojo and Vashawn Mitchell join forces, their combined talent and passion shine brightly, illuminating the path to victory for all who hear their voices.

At its core, "We Win" encapsulates the essence of gospel music: a fusion of melody and message that speaks directly to the soul. Written and composed by Daniel Ojo and produced by Hillary Godwin, this track is a masterful blend of vocals and instrumentation, designed to uplift spirits and ignite a sense of joy in listeners. Listen here.


Daniel Ojo is a Canadian JUNO Nominee, GMA Nominee, GTMA Award winner, Worship Leader, Gospel Recording Artist, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Teacher, Husband, and Father. Daniel Ojo was born in Nigeria but currently resides in Ottawa, ON, Canada having completed his master’s degree in engineering management at the University of Ottawa.

Daniel Ojo is a passionate gospel artist dedicated to spreading the message of faith, hope, and love through music. With a soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Daniel Ojo seeks to inspire and uplift audiences around the world. Drawing from personal experiences and a deep-rooted relationship with God, His music resonates with listeners of all backgrounds, touching hearts and souls with its powerful message of redemption and grace. Through songs of praise and worship, Daniel Ojo aims to make a positive impact and bring people closer to God.

Daniel Ojo has worked on several music projects featuring some very amazing singers and award-winning gospel artists from all over the world, the likes of Tim Bowman, Jr., Benita Jones, Geoffrey Golden, Javis Mays, Joe Mettle, etc. His latest album titled “TRUST” nominated for JUNO 2023 Award Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the year is available on all digital platforms.

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