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New Single - Erica Campbell takes "Positive" word back post Covid

Better is coming as Erica Campbell encourages everyone to keep positive after a tough few years. Many tune in daily to Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell for a dose of positivity, and now you’ll be able to get the message through song with Erica’s brand new single, “Positive.”

Erica weighed in below on the new song

"The reason i chose the name "Positive" is because the word is now negative because of Covid. I believe words have power and i don't believe that heaven has changed its mind about the word positive because of what is going on down here, so i need us to take that word back, claim it, own it, speak it, say it. Everything you say sends a message to heaven of what you are ready for. if you are speaking negative all the time, its not coming to you but if you choose to have a positive mindset it can affect your house, your business, how you think, how you feel"

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