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Watch - Premier Gospel feature Charles Dada for Living Room Concerts

In this unprecedented year, virtual concerts have made a massive difference. In a bid to save the arts and get artists connected to their audience, Premier gospel introduced new series called ‘living room concerts’, which features performances from a range of artists straight to your home. With not having the worry of the journey home, sit back (or stand), relax, and enjoy powerful, exclusive performances. Previous acts were Vashawn Mitchel, Shekinah, Sarah Teibo, Niiela, Volney Morgan and New Ye, Sounds of New Wine and so many more.

Charles Dada brought us an amazing concert this week full of joy and worship.

Backed by a full band, performing his classic ‘Cast Our Cares’ and 2020 releases ‘Hallelujah’ and 'Lord of all" , Dada welcomes us into the world of his debut album 'OutPour' scheduled for 2021. With an exclusive never before seen performance of 'Mighty' and a medley of worship songs

0.00 - Mighty - Charles Dada

4.57 - Lord of All - Charles Dada

9.19 - Hallelujah - Charles Dada

14.10 - Cast Our Cares - Charles Dada

21.55 - Worship Medley - Holy Holy Holy, Covenant Keeping God (Victoria Orenze), Yahweh (Campus Rush)

Video produced by The Icho Media for Premier Gospel Living Room Concerts

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