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Travis Greene pens open letter after returning to the Billboard Charts with 5th #1 - Good & Loved

It is a great day in the Travis Greene camp as his single "Good & Loved" rises 3-1 on Billboard's Gospel Airplay chart dated May 29. In the tracking week ending May 23, the song increased by 17% in plays, according to MRC Data.

The coronation awards Travis Greene his fifth Gospel Airplay No. 1 and DOE, aka Dominique Jones, her first leader in her first visit to the chart. "Good & Loved" was solo-penned by Greene, who pastors Forward City Church in Columbia, S.C., with his wife, Jacqueline Gyamfi Greene. He originally recorded the song with Steffany Gretzinger for his Broken Record album in 2019.


OMG!!!! God has done it Again!!!! Another @billboard#1 Radio Song. And this one in particular is so close to my heart.

Most of this song came to me one morning at our church @4wardCityduring 6am prayer. As we were worshipping, I heard the Lord clearly say “I am Good, and You are loved”. From there, I actually finished writing the song at an airport in Africa, and my brother @timgodfreyworldallowed us to record a demo for it at his studio in Lagos, Nigeria.

I knew instantly that this song was special, but I could not have even imagined the impact it made. Beyond grateful that I got to share this special moment with @doejonesmusic. She’s definitely one of God’s greatest gifts to this generation.

The reach of this song is the product of @rcainspiration’s belief in my art, My squad - Greenelight’s hard work, Gospel Radio’s support, every listener’s request, and ultimately the Goodness of God.

Lastly, this song made it to #1 on the week that God spared my wife’s life after a horrific accident. The truth of this song is louder in my heart today than ever before.

Thank You Jesus 💪🏾♥️

That same week his wife suffered a horrific accident which added more meaning to the celebration. After flipping 3 times in the ai, she was caught by the only tree in the area, that kept her from being thrown all the way down into a ravine. He is good and we are Loved indeed.

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