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Tis the season of LOVE - Our Valentine Playlist

With millions around the world celebrating the love month, the HFP MUSICCITY team has curated a compilation of Gospel anthems to mark the momentous occasion.

Isaac Carree - HER

When I think of her I'm just thanking you..When I give her love I'm just thanking you

Married and in love I'm just thanking you

CalledOut Music - Perfect Love

Cuz’ You loved me first, when I was still at my worst And I don’t need to perform but respond with the way I live

Faithchild - Picture Perfect

Ready to give you my heart today..Everything I’ve been missing..You found it all in an instant

RAE RAE - Greatest Love

When I see the sun rise up in the morning I think about your love

Becca Folkes - Baba

I'll praise you forever...I'll serve you forever...I'll worship forever..You are mine, forever

Charles Dada - Love Person

If love was a person he would come rescue me If hope had a voice, it’s words will help me believe It’s gonna get better

Daphne Richardson FEAT. CalledOut Music - Eternal Eyes

"I will wrap my life in Jesus Set aside what holds me down I won’t fall for these illusions Or turn away from the truth that I have found"

Marizu - No Greater Love


Grace Tena - In Theory

Whitney Houston - I look to You

I look to you..And when melodies are gone.. In you, I hear a song

Guvna B - His Love Ft Keisha Buchanan

Best Thing That Ever Happened - Fred Hammond

One thing I know is true, falling in love with you, Is the best thing I've done, And my life has never been the same! And with all of my heart I wanna say!

Uchenna - Without You (feat. Jessica Akin)

No way I can live, can’t breathe, can’t stand to be without you No way I can stand to spend another day without you

Deb Orah - Love With You

You never change.. You're still the same today and forever

Jonathan McReynolds - Lovin' Me

Oh, I just thank you for always lovin' me ... I wanna thank you for always lovin' me

Jason Nelson - Forever

Because forever is a long timeThat's how long I'll love you

Tasha Cobbs Leonard - You Know My Name ft. Jimi Cravity

And oh how you walk with me Oh how you talk with me Oh how you tell me That I am your own

Tasha Cobbs Leonard - In Spite Of Me (ft. Ciara)

You still love me in spite of me You still chose me how can it be Every scar every flaw You see it all You see it all

So happy valentines month to you and yours. Enjoy AND let us know what you think of our picks and if you have any suggestions, Hit us up !!

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