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Tips to Help You Find Time to Make Music

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

No matter how much you love something one thing is sure, time could elude you. With how fast-paced the world is, finding time to do what you love can be challenging; and even more challenging when you have to balance that with a 9-5 job and maybe even family.

Making time for your work is essential if you want to grow. The key to growth is consistency, so whether you have ten minutes a day or a whole weekend, here are tips for taking advantage of your creative time.

1. Set out time for your music:

This may seem obvious but the only way you'll ever find time to make music is if you make out time to make music! Schedules are important, or else you'll constantly run out of time. Whatever time you set out to make music, make sure you show up like you would a 9-5 job.

2. Plan your music-time around your peak time:

We are all built differently. You know when you focus best and for how long - try to practice/make music during that time. Manage your time by breaking down big goals into smaller tasks.

3. Block out all distractions

As you manage your time, manage distractions as well as they are killers of creativity. Know what your distractions are, and create boundaries early on. If you find yourself drifting off to certain apps while working, set screen time, turn off the phone or delete the app. If it's noise or the people around you that distract you, close the door, and shut out the world. There's nothing wrong with setting boundaries to get things done.

4. Invest in your craft:

Buying some new gear, a new book or a new course about your craft could just be the inspiration you need to make new music. The better you get at something, the more inspired you are to stick to it. On the other hand, don't use your lack of equipment as an excuse. The best place to start is where you are.

5. Seek inspiration externally:

One reason you may be finding it hard to make time for your music is that you've lost inspiration. Doing the same thing over and over again could get boring. If you're feeling this way, it's time to shake things up a bit. Take a break and clear your head. Maybe take a walk, listen to a podcast or watch a movie. You could also listen to other artists to regain inspiration.

6. Surround yourself with your craft:

Another way to remind yourself of what you should be doing is to surround yourself with music. It would be hard to forget what you should be doing if everything around you is a constant reminder. If you're learning to play an instrument for example, following accounts that play or teach that instrument will be a constant reminder of how good you could get if you practiced more. Same thing with music.

7. Enjoy creating!

Creative work is meant to be enjoyed. Learn to have fun even while creating. Take on projects that challenge you, try new sounds, collaborate - find the time to have a good time!

How do you make time for your music? Comment down below!

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