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Christian Artists' New Year Resolutions for 2024

Updated: Feb 1

Can you believe the first month of 2024 is almost up? Time flies when you're busy not sticking to your New Year's resolutions, right? Not to worry, dear readers! We're here to gently remind you of the commitments you may have misplaced somewhere between January 1st and now. Let's go!

1. Deepen the Devotion in Your Lyrics

In 2024, commit to digging deeper into the spiritual well of inspiration. That's the only way you can craft lyrics that could move mountains, or at least that song you've been trying to write. This leads us to your next resolution....

2. Write a Song (Share Personal Testimonies)

You planned to write a song this year, but the pen has been on a sabbatical. Why? Instead of staring at that blank paper, why don't you try writing about a personal testimony? In 2024, let your struggles, victories, and moments of divine intervention be woven into the fabric of your melodies. Your journey is a testament to His grace, so let your authenticity resonate with listeners, drawing them closer to the Creator.

3. Learn a New Instrument (Even if It's Just the Triangle)

This was the year you vowed to become a musical virtuoso, right? Whether it's the harp, keyboard, or the illustrious triangle – dust off that instrument or consider buying it first. Picture yourself at a worship service with your newfound triangle skills. It's time to stand up and make it happen!

4. Seek Divine Collaboration

We'll say it louder for those in the back: Collaboration is the secret sauce of success – both on Earth and in the Heavens! In the next 11 months, resolve to team up with fellow Christian artists, choir members, or anyone who can harmonize with you. Let the melodies unite!

5. Turn the Other Negative Reviews

Criticism is like a diet for the soul – a bit tough but ultimately beneficial. Remember that resolution to handle negative reviews with grace? Stick with it! Turn the other cheek and respond with love, or if that doesn't work, reply with a meme. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

6. Do Not Forget Lyrics Mid-Performance

This one is also for worship leaders. In 2024, let's collectively decide to remember our lyrics during live performances. No more awkward pauses or spontaneous "hallelujah" shout-outs because we forgot the next verse. Consider investing in a teleprompter or just learning the lyrics.

7 "Dance Like David"

David and Marie Wiseborn danced with all their might, and so should we! In 2024, let's not just talk about dancing – learn how to shake a leg or two. And if you're already an expert, host a workshop to teach others the art of dancing like David.

8. Integrate More Prayer into Your Practice

Before hitting that first chord, take a moment for prayer. Let your practice sessions be a communion. Invite the Holy Spirit into your musical space, and watch how prayer transforms not just your music but your entire spirit.

9. Embrace Technology

Ah, the artist who shuns social media – we know you're out there! This year, let's resolve to embrace these tools that amplify your message. Use social media, streaming platforms, and virtual concerts to reach a broader audience.

10. Foster a Supportive Community Among Christian Artists

In 2024, let's fortify the bonds within our Christian music family. Create spaces for collaboration, encouragement, and support. Whether it's through virtual forums, local meet-ups, or group sing-alongs, let's build each other up. After all, a harmonious community is like a choir that elevates everyone's spirits!

11. Explore New Worship Styles and Genres

"Why settle for just one when there's a feast of genres?" you said. It's February and you've still not given it a try. Resolve to explore new worship styles and genres that still glorify God. Whether it's gospel reggae, acoustic worship, or a dash of afro, let your musical palette expand.

12. Lastly, Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

While our message is divine, let's not forget to keep our egos in check. In 2024, resolve to chuckle at yourself when missing high notes or accidentally singing a prayer request instead of a verse. Humility is key, and so is a good sense of humor!

There you have it, your 2024 resolutions! Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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