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RORE releases a new captivating RnB/Pop track 'Your Arms’

RORE - New Single - Your Arms
RORE releases a new captivating RnB/Pop track 'Your Arms’

Introducing ‘Your Arms,’ a captivating new RnB/Pop track by talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, RORE.

Being her third single since her debut in 2022, RORE's latest release embraces an upbeat tempo while delving into the theme of finding peace amidst chaos. She paints a vivid picture of seeking safety and comfort, declaring that falling would only be worthwhile if it leads directly into the embrace of love. "If I had to fall it's gonna be straight into Your arms; no place I'd rather be."

RORE's voice - her upbringing immersed in music, coupled with her ability to convey heartfelt emotions through her lyrics, sets her on a trajectory to make an impact on the R&B music scene. Heavily inspired by personal experiences, ‘Your Arms’ is a must-listen.

Produced by HillsPlay, mixed and mastered by Outluk Mix, Cover Art by Thirteen Creative, ‘Take Me Anywhere’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

Stream here: Listen

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