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Outgun Onkar Teams Up with Esua for Heartfelt Gospel Single "O Ye"

Get ready for a musical journey as Outgun Onkar collaborates with the talented alternative gospel artist, Esua to deliver their latest single, "O Ye." This easy-going afrobeat tune is a sincere exploration of the immeasurable love and mercy of God.

Outgun Onkar and Esua team up for new single, "O Ye"

Following the success of the acclaimed "E hlu," Outgun Onkar ventures into new musical

territory alongside Esua, a gifted female artist known for her soulful and alternative gospel style. Together, they've crafted "O Ye," a melodic afrobeat track that not only sounds good but also delves into the deep well of divine love and mercy.

"Teaming up with Esua on 'O Ye' has been a real joy. We wanted to create a piece that not only vibes well but also carries a powerful message of God's love and mercy," says Outgun Onkar.

The gentle afrobeat rhythm of "O Ye" provides the perfect canvas for its heartfelt lyrics,

capturing the transformative power of faith. The song reflects the artists' commitment to

making music that not only entertains but also speaks to the soul.

Written by AnendlessOcean, Outgun Onkar, and Esua, "O Ye" is more than just a song; it's an invitation for listeners to ponder on the themes of love, mercy, and faith. The single promises to strike a chord with audiences, no matter their musical taste.

"O Ye" is now available on your preferred streaming platform. Listen here ;

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