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New Music Thursdays: That’s Who You Are - The Kumi Angels

The Kumi Angels is a gospel trio comprising three sisters: Gifty, Anna Maria and Belinda.

With Ghanaian origins but born in Italy, the gospel group decided a few years ago to move and establish themselves in the Uk where they are pursuing their music career.

Sisters by blood, the gospel trio was formed nearly three years ago as they sought to understand and use their God-given gifts; gifts to be used to manifest God’s glory.

Through music, via singing and playing of instruments, they aim to spread the Gospel by adding a touch of their taste, which is inspired by their ghanian heritage and global influence.

A lifelong dream of theirs was to release an official single and they did just that in October, 2021! With growing traction and love from gospel listeners worldwide, they have gone on to release an official music video which is now live! They aim to keep spreading the gospel of Christ through music as they look forward to sharing more original songs soon!

The ladies weighed in on the new release:

We're so excited to share with you the official video of our first debut single "That's who You are". The song describes how the Almighty God is omniscient and omnipotent. As a matter of fact everything revolves around Him Since from him and through him and for him are all things. Therefore this song is a hymn of exaltation of his name and a reminder that in every situation we can rely on Him. We pray that it blesses you!

The music video for That’s Who You Are is available now!

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