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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

It's the end of another week and as usual, we are bringing you new releases that have significantly brightened our weekend!

'I Believe God' - Jekalyn Carr

'I Believe God' is the latest single from multiple award-winning singer/songwriter, Jekalyn Carr. It's an uplifting single for every believer that needs a faith boost. She reminds us of the miraculous wonders of God as she reaffirms her belief in Him.

She says,

“I Believe God is a reminder to ALL that there’s no expiration date on the miraculous power of God. All He asks of us is to believe. The Bible tells us in Mark 16:17, “These signs shall follow them that believe”. Many times, things that have occurred or are occurring can cause many to lose faith because we tend to worry about something that is God’s responsibility, which is to perform. You bring the belief; He’ll bring the sign. All God wants you to do is believe and He will take it from there. I Believe God is a reminder to you that if you have the faith to believe, He’ll answer you with what you need. Take the limits off of God & watch Him perform”.

The single will be followed by a music video, premiering later in the month.

Take Me Anywhere - Rore

‘Take Me Anywhere’ is the latest release from budding UK-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Rore. This pop/rnb track showcases Rore’s diverse talent and opens 2023 on a refocused note. Opening with a soulful soundscape, and easing us into her smooth vocals and a funky bassline, Rore redirects the focus of listeners to things above.

As Rore explains,

“I’ll be the first person to hold my hands up and say that sometimes I get distracted with all the things that life throws at me and slowly start focusing less and less on God. It’s easy to get caught up in what the world defines as success and all the physical things you can have. Grounded in Matthew 6:33 and 1 John 2:16, I wrote this song to rededicate every part of my life back to God above what the world can give me. Our relationship with God and our desire to please Him should supersede everything else daily. I hope this song can help people remember what’s truly important in this life.“

Warm Winter Hug - Anu Eletu

Anu Eletu is a Dallas artist with a passion for the Gospel. His mission is "to create sounds that describe God’s breathtaking beauty." As someone who struggled with anxiety, he explains, through his music how the gospel equips him to face the fears and worries that plague the over-thinker. This new single 'Warm Winter Hug', is a beautiful acoustic track about the comfort believers finds in the arms of God. Regardless of the harsh realities of life, Jesus is that 'warm winter hug'. Stream here.

Artist - Jackie Legere

New RnB single by Jackie Legere. She sings of the beautiful creations of God. A perfect single to unwind as we end another week. She reminds listeners that it';s okay to let go and lean into the arms of God. If we're willing to hand Him the paintbrush, He can make a masterpiece of our lives. Listen to 'Artist' here.

You Kept Me (feat. Kushim & Oliver Trinidad) - Lj the Messenger

New single by 29-year-old singer/rapper/producer, Lj the Messenger is an upbeat single about God's presence though the motions. He creates music in his bedroom to echo the name of Jesus to encourage, minister, and uplift all who listen. This single features Kushim and Oliver Trinidad. Listen here.

Two - Limoblaze

Reach Records Afrobeats artist Limoblaze releases new two-track EP, 'Two'. This comes a week after his Gold Remix EP featuring various artists including Marizu, Ada Ehi, Nolly, Torey D’shaun, Ugoh, and others. These Afro-soul tracks, “Somebody” and “TWO” capture Limoblaze’s expression of God’s unconditional love. Stream 'Two' here.

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