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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

It's the end of another week and the start of another month. I think we can all agree that January ran fast, and February seems to be doing the same. This year has already unfolded some interesting tracks and today, we're sharing our picks for this week.

Detail - Jonathan McReynolds

Grammy-winning American gospel musician, Jonathan McReynolds has released the second song off his album just a few hours ago. Co-written with Tauren Wells, this new single 'Detail' is a soft acoustic single about God's involvement in the little details of our lives. Its intricate lyrics and soft celestial rhythms amplify the little things, and make us see God in 'the ordinary places', 'the little conversations', in our routine, and 'the typical, mundane, everyday things.' Stay tuned for the full 12-track album, 'My Truth'. Out from the 17th of February, 2023. Listen to 'Detail' below.

Dancing My Way - Wyn Starks ft. Fisk Jubilee Singers

Upbeat new single by Minneapolis singer/songwriter, Wyn Starks ft The Fisk Jubilee Singers. Wyn Starks talked about his new EP with the Fisk Jubilee Singers and how his life changed after performing his breakout hit song “Who I Am” while a contestant on Season 17 of America’s Got Talent. Wyn Starks' new EP, 'At the End of the River', with the Fisk Jubilee Singers, is to be released on February 17.

Bird's Eye View - Matthew Parker & Jacob Stanifer

Matthew Parker & Jacob Stanifer release new pop single “Bird’s Eye View” via DREAM Records. This interesting track gives us a picture of life through God's eyes. It highlights the greatness of God's wisdom. Sometimes, we forget that God knows everything; past, present and future. When we're confused, lost and blind towards the bigger picture, that's when we need to rely on God - the One whose strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you knew everything? Well, God does. Our new song “Bird’s Eye View” is about asking God to give us a perspective that is much closer to what he sees–the proverbial “bigger picture”. When you’re standing with your feet on the earth, you have a limited view of what’s ahead of you, but if you can get a “bird’s eye view”, you can see what’s ahead and have a much deeper, wiser perspective. As the lyrics say, “I just want to see the world like you, [with your] bird’s eye view.“ – Matthew Parker

Following his #2 Billboard Christian Hot AC / CHR song, “Roses”, “Bird’s Eye View” is out now!

Gold (Remix Pack) - Limoblaze

Sensational artist Limoblaze releases 5-track remix pack of viral single, 'Gold'.

He and Ada Ehi, one of Nigeria's prominent female gospel singers originally released this exciting single October 2022 and fans couldn't get enough. Their vocals merged with catchy beats afrobeat, made it a clear definition of what good music should sound like.' This remix pack features Ada Ehi of course, Marizu, Nathan Maloba, CRU ALXNDR, Torey D'Shaun, Nolly, Kzeal, Amos Ugoh,

It was one of the lead tracks off his album, "Sunday In Lagos", also released in 2022.

Simple - Phil J.

This single, 'Simple' is one of lyrical depth and refreshing melodies. Phil J. is an Alabama native, born and raised in Mobile. Growing up in a music-loving household, he developed a deep love for music. He’s heavily inspired the likes of Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Whispers, The Ohio Players, etc. That era of music heavily influenced his singing and how he creates harmonies throughout his music. He prides himself on taking risks when creating music, even if it’s a complete curveball to his listeners, but that’s what excites him the most. Phil J. was named in 2017, a Rapzilla Freshman. He’s now looking to bring a new sound to the industry, with the main goal always being sharing Christ to a lost world.“ Stream 'Simple' here!

Morning Devotion - Street Church, Nina Shezz, Greatman Takit

'The much-awaited gbedu done finally drop!!' New energy-packed single by Street Church, Nina Shezz, and Greatman Takit. They share the gospel of Jesus in the simplest and most relatable ways. With a fusion of familiar choruses, many Africans grew up singing, resounding beats, bible verses, and a catchy traditional chorus, this single is one that will get you dancing. Stream here. Street Church is a movement of young Africans spreading the gospel through creativity and culture.

We Found Love - Kierra Sheard

Gospel sensation, Kierra Sheard brings new life to Rihanna and Calvin Harris's "We Found Love". Performed with Fellowship Chicago and produced by Charles Jenkins, this is her advanced single from the upcoming EP Spread The Gospel.

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