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Nothing brights up a Friday quite like a great new song or in this case, a number of great new songs. Many reflective, and others upbeat; one message is clear - we are loved and cared for. TGIF just went up a notch with these tracks. On to the first!

'Worst Days' - CalledOut Music

Following his ground-breaking album, “My Beautiful Reality”, this is a new, yet pleasantly familiar side of the multifaceted artist. ‘Worst Days’ is a relaxed acoustic expression of the artist's heart, declaring his firm assurance in the constancy of God’s love. Using emotive lyrics we can all relate to, CalledOut Music brings something quite genuine and human to the table. This soft-as-a-cloud single is a tune anyone can crawl into on overwhelming days. A great end if you've had an overwhelming week.

Stream ‘Worst Days’ here

'Hey You' - Trampolines & Aaron Cole

Trampolines and Aaron Cole collaborate on new single 'Hey You. It's an upbeat, fresh colourful single about the family of believers and the love and peace we experience in it. We truly are of one Body, members of the same team, having a lot in common. We should get along and love one another, deeply. See official music video below.

You Call Me Friend- Baily Hager

'You Call Me Friend' is an emotive single by budding singer Baily Hager. With lyrics straight from the heart and a voice that translates perfectly, she sings about the selfless love Christ lavishes upon us. Regardless of how many times we fall short, God has regarded us as friends and His love for us won't end.

"Baily is a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. She is passionate about relaying her journey and experiences in life in a real and honest way, to help people carry on in their own journeys. With influences from; Coldplay, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, modern worship music, and more, this indie pop artist would love to make you dance, look in and look up. Baily is also an artist and songwriter for Madison Street Worship. She is a writer on “Holy Places” and “We Come” from their debut album, and “Highest Praise”, “God of Salvation”, “Miracle In Motion”, “Look What God Has Done” and “Heaven Come Closer” on Madison Street Worship’s sophomore album."

'Multiply'-Mitch Wong & Steph Wong

Grammy award-winning songwriter Mitch Wong teamed up with his wife Steph Wong on this new track "Multiply." This new track reminds listeners of how much God can do with a person that is willing to say "yes". Doctrinally sound as it is pleasing to the ears; 'Multiply' showcases Mitch's fresh take on congregational worship as well as his unwavering commitment to the message of the gospel in song. On a piano-led, intricate soundscape, he testifies that Jesus, just as He did with the fish and the loaves, can multiply the faith that we place in His hands; for His glory; "thirtyfold, sixtyfold, a hundredfold". The song is the second single from his debut Integrity Music album. Stream 'Multiply' here.

'Follow Follow' - Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey kickstarts the year with a brand new track titled, “Follow You”. Featuring rising star of viral single 'Look What You've Done', Greatman Takit; 'Follow You' is an afro gospel song that talks about the goodness of God and the Christian's dedication to following Him. If you are familiar with these artists individually, you should already know that this is a song that will get you tapping your feet, if not full-on dancing.

'Plans' - David Leonard

David Leonard shared new music, “Plans.” This is the title track off his next project, out March 3. 'Plans' is a country song letting us know that God has plans for us - plans of good - and if we just trust Him, things will eventually work out. Being the last Friday of the first month of January, it's a great way to remind yourself that God is in control.

'Endure' The EP- Kojo Dave

Months turned into weeks, which turned into days, and finally, we're here. Kojo Dave is an artist out of Ottawa, Canada who started his music journey in 2018. He is known for his smooth multilayering of vocals and clever lyricism which creates an unorthodox sound for the listener. Just last Friday, Kojo Dave hosted about 60 people for a private listening of his new EP titled 'Endure'. Here, he explained the heart of every song and the message he wanted to convey. He features Marizu, Denise Bamfo, Ngoga, and Zero; artists with unique sounds similar to his difference. With seven tracks, he soothes our ears with reminders of why we should trust regardless.

Stream 'Endure' here.

'More Than Music (Transcendent Worship)', The Album - Moses Bliss

Nigerian Gospel minister and songwriter, Moses Bliss has released anticipated studio album, “More Than Music (Transcendent Worship).” It is a 14-track worship album featuring Chizie, Mike Aremu, Mercy Chinwo, Chioma Jesus, and Lyrical Hi.

Birthed during a deep season of intimacy with God, it is an album designed to take listeners on a journey of worship that transcends beyond just singing. From the upbeat and celebratory songs like “Taking Care (Remix)” to the more meditative “Daddy Wey dey Pamper,” and “You I Live For”, it features a diverse range of styles and sounds,

“I believe that music is a powerful tool that can be used to bring people into the presence of God,” says Moses Bliss. “I hope that this album will help people to connect with God in a deeper way and to experience the joy and freedom that comes from worshiping him.”

Stream 'More Than Music' here.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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