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Kingdmusic joins forces with MTV Award winning Pop artist Kyle Deutsch on "Nguwe"

Kingdmusic teams up with MTV Award winning Pop artist Kyle Deutsch to deliver a message of unending and unyielding love of God on his new single "Nguwe". The pair started working on this beautiful Afrobeat praise song in 2020 during lockdown. The song is in English, Zulu and Venda, and it is accompanied by vibey Afrobeat style of music that can make anyone dance whether they are believers or not. Kingdmusic started writing the song inspired by the fact that no one can ever love us the way God does.

Kyle & Kingdmusic sing about how God can rescue you from messy life situations.

This is one of the lead singles off Kingdmusic's upcoming EP album which is due for a release in July 2021. The EP is a collection of African sounds from Afrobeat, Afro House and influences of reggae sounds.

"As a Christian artist who predominantly does urban and contemporary style of worship music, I'm super excited to share a bit more of who I am as an African child who grew up in the dusty village streets of Venda. I am excited to share a taste of music I grew up listening to, to my global audience and the influence that African music has had on me since I was a child. We are living in difficult times and we all can agree that some dance music will do everyone good. I'm also trying to show the world how beautiful and rich African music is!"

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