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Junior Garr releases an acoustic single of his successful single - ‘WATERS’

Junior Garr is a UK singer-songwriter whose unique creative artistry and honest music present a genuine picture of his relationship with God. Junior revisits his successful single ‘Waters’, originally released on his EP ‘The Garden’, in a new acoustic single. By stripping back the song’s original cinematic and epic soundscape, Junior showcases the depth of the lyrics and eclectic arrangement. ‘Waters’ is built on the concept of rebirth –an intimate holy renaissance upon tasting and seeing the goodness of our Creator.

Through this new release, Junior invites the listener to dive into a new musical universe whilst simultaneously drawing inspiration from his musical roots; the bridge revisiting famous spiritual ‘Wade In The Water’. ‘Waters (Acoustic Single)’, released on October 16th, is a timely mark during Black History Month in the UK. Junior Garr cleverly and sensitively weaves his journey into the meta narrative of his people’s story and brings in the hope of rebirth through his new single.

About Junior Garr

Junior Garr is a widely supported singer/songwriter from the UK. With a strong catalogue of genre-crossing music, his passion, distinctive vocals and core value of unity make him stand out to his committed following. ‘Waters’ was the first single to be released from his EP ‘The Garden’ which was released in February 2020 on Running Club Records. This EP arrived against the background of his previous independent releases of contemporary Christian music and curated spiritual gatherings, including the ‘Selah Sessions’.

Originally from London, Junior has honed his unique creative artistry, musicianship and song-writing over the number of years he spent as a creative leader within churches across the USA. With a heart to see humanity unified with one sound and one voice, Junior’s expression of music is a multicultural showcase of gospel sounds and hope-filled lyrics. After spending three years studying at Bethel’s Ministry school in California, Junior has appeared at many events in both the UK and USA such as Big Church Day Out, TBN UK, RCCG Camberwell, RCCG Northampton and Life Church Bradford.

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