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HFP Musiccity New Music Friday (Christian)

As the rhythm of the year unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the soul-stirring melodies that grace our ears every week. Welcome to this week's edition of HFP Musiccity New Music Friday (Christian). Join us in this sacred space as we unearth the latest Christian releases that promise to uplift, inspire, and resonate with the spirit within. It's not just a playlist; it's a symphony of faith. Enjoy!

That's My King - Bridge Worship

delightful - Sarah Nathalie

Blessings Find Me - Sherwin Gardner

Loved - Clinton Flames, Oba Reengy, Rehmahz, Baron Jay

Made For More - Josh Baldwin, Jenn Johnson

Abandoned - Benjamin William Hastings

Change Will Come - Sera Noa

The Lord Our God - Eagle Brook Music

Use Me Lord - VOUS Worship, Ryan Horton

E Se Gan - Holy Drill

Take Over - Uchenna, Rehmahz, TBabz

A Thousand Times - We Are Messengers

Empty Handed - HYLEM

Come Back Home - Justin Warren

Heaven Is A Small Town - Emily Faith

Good Day - Forrest Frank

As we conclude this melodic exploration, carry these harmonies with you into the weekend and beyond. Until the next New Music Friday, let the music of grace continue to play on.

Did we miss any? List them down below.

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