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From Video Tag to Engagement Ring: Meet Marie Wiseborn, Moses Bliss's Fiance

Updated: Jan 24

Popular 28-year-old Nigerian gospel artist Moses Bliss, has pleasantly stunned everyone in Christendom with a heartfelt marriage proposal to his once-secret, now-revealed Ghanaian sweetheart, Marie Wiseborn.

How did Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn meet?

As shared by Moses Bliss on social media, their paths crossed exactly one year ago when he was tagged in a video by Marie. That seemingly ordinary tag set the stage for a divine love story. Reflecting on the serendipity of their meeting, Moses Bliss shared, "There are some things only God can orchestrate🥺."

He further shared that Marie, not typically one to dance and share online, felt a prompting to create and post a video. She answered this inner call and shared the video at 2 am. This act of obedience to a divine nudge led to a connection that would change her life forever.

Recalling the moment he first laid eyes on the video, Moses Bliss was captivated by the way she praised God, likening her dance to that of David. This attraction blossomed into a beautiful friendship and culminated in a heartwarming proposal. Moses Bliss said, "After a while, we became friends for many months, and here we are today – truly, MIRACLE NO DEY TIRE JESUS 🤩...For someone believing God for this kind of testimony, may God divinely work out your testimony in Jesus' name."

The Proposal of Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn?

Known for his captivating performances, Moses Bliss planned a heartwarming proposal for his fiancée in London, accompanied by a live orchestra. In the presence of family and close friends, Moses Bliss serenaded Marie Wiseborn with an enchanting song he wrote specifically for her.

After the performance, he knelt and invited her to embark on life's journey with him and with tears of joy and a radiant smile, Marie accepted the proposal. Moses delicately placed the ring on her finger and presented her with a bouquet. The couple then delved into an intimate conversation about their journey thus far. Marie expressed how Moses embodied everything she had prayed for; from his voice millions have come to love, to his "nice smile," deep faith, and his commitment to guiding her in matters of spirituality. She further related to him how much his presence meant to her before and during her call to the bar. Holding hands, they prayed over their forthcoming marriage, painting a beautiful picture of a love story that had quietly blossomed in the shadows.

Watch the full engagement video here.

Who is Marie Wiseborn?

Since the engagement, fans have been curious about Marie Wiseborn. Up until the engagement, little was known about Ms. Wiseborn, as she maintained a low profile on social media. While she is primarily recognized as Moses Bliss's fiancée, there's much more to this Ghanaian beauty. A graduate of the University of London and City Law School, holding a Bar Vocational Studies Postgraduate Diploma, Ms. Wiseborn is not only a lawyer but also a preacher and a singer. Despite residing in Europe, her Ghanaian roots are evident in her well-adorned attire during a speech at the University of Surrey's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in July 2022. Beyond her legal career, she seamlessly transitions from courtrooms to pulpits. Known for her simplicity despite her fiancé's fame, Ms. Wiseborn's social media presence has sparked conversations among Nigerians, drawing comparisons with some Nigerian ladies but that is a discussion for another day.

As fans and well-wishers flood the couple with love and congratulations, Moses Bliss and his fiancée stand as a testament to the enduring belief that true love is worth the wait, and God's timing is always impeccable. Congratulations to them!


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