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HFP Musiccity New Music Friday (Christian)

Welcome to another soul-stirring edition of New Music Friday (Christian)! In a world where the rhythm of life can sometimes become overwhelming, the balm of Christian music offers solace, inspiration, and a chance to reflect on matters of faith and spirituality. With each passing week, artists from around the globe pour their passion and devotion into crafting songs that uplift the soul and renew the spirit. In this week's edition, we share the latest releases in this beloved genre. From contemporary gospel to worship anthems, we have curated a diverse collection. Whether you're seeking to be transported to a place of tranquility, seeking encouragement on your journey of faith, or simply exploring the artistry within the Christian music landscape, HFP's New Music Friday (Christian) will be your compass. Let's go!

Try Love - Kirk Franklin

Crown - Drakare, Greatman Takit

Willing to Change - United Pursuit, Will Reagan

My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) - Natalie Grant, CeCe WInas

Enough - Paul The Messenger

Stars and Stripes - Common Hymnal, Ben Hardesty

HOW YOU WANTED - Zach Paradis, Ben Provencial

Courage - Justin Gambino

Anu Wamiri (Mercy Found Me) - Victoria Orenze, Dunsin Oyekan

Hereditary - Chris Renzema feat. Jess Ray

Blessings (Everywhere I Go) - Theresa Phondo, Marizu, Kingdmusic, Noël Mio

Surrender - Johnny Henninger, Asha Elia, IMRSQD

Thank God I Do - John Ingram, Essential Worship


What If I Told You - Yamaree

Loose Leaf - TKE3

Blessings - VaShawn Mitchell Darrel Walls

Miracles (Live) - Futures

B'Ola (Live)

As you listen to these immersive melodies, may you be reminded of the timeless truth that bind us all. Happy listening!

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