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Experience the Power of Worship with Elenee and Brandon Marin: "Be Magnified (forevermore)"

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

On September 30th-October 7th 2023, gifted songwriters and creatives from all over North America met at Infinite Church in New Albany, Ohio. The Collaboration Project was a live recording with Heart of Worship Ministries and Infinite Church and the writers were tasked with the intense mandate of writing songs for the global church with the goal of recording them on October 6th for the live project.

When Elenee and Brandon Marin found themselves together in a writing group with Mark Condon, Jordan Holston, and Andrew and Carene Bracken, the song quickly became a powerful worship anthem with sweeping melodies. They knew they had just created something special, and when the theme of Christmas became clear throughout the song, Elenee and Brandon decided to cut the song for the 2023 Christmas season with the blessing of the Heart of Worship and Infinite Church community.

Elenee, who is famously known by her peers for taking a dislike towards the Christmas season, found herself at a crossroads when she had never quite heard a song tell the beauty of worship in a Christmas song like this before. Throughout the production process, the song would begin to change how she perceived Christmas and would help her heal from years of holiday trauma. With the help of Timothy Montes in Modesto, CA, Joseph Salamida in Palm Coast FL, and Brandon Marin in Nashville, TN, this song has fingerprints from all over the North American continent and it is sure to bless listeners throughout the Christmas season.

About Elenee

Elenee is a Canadian Christian/Gospel artist and songwriter. Her sound is warm and

her tone is rooted in the encouragement that gospel music brings.  Elenee was awarded

the GMA Songwriter of the Year in 2017 and in 2022, she was a GMA Covenant Award

Nominee and the Canada West Spiritual Artist of the year. She is both Greek and a

Metis Citizen and is proud to bring such cultural diversity to the ever-growing table of

Christian/Gospel artists.

Follow Elenee for updates on future releases.

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