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Efua B’s new EP Embraces the Cycles of Life - ‘Seasons Come’

The Oyo Group is thrilled to announce the release of Efua B’s highly anticipated sophomore EP.

'Seasons Come' is a masterfully crafted balance between introspection and celebration, destined to touch the hearts of believers and non-believers alike. Blending contemporary Christian sounds, with soul-stirring worship and uplifting praise, this 4-track project promises to inspire listeners to renew their connection with God.

'Seasons Come' not only invites listeners to think about their relationship with God, it also encourages them to celebrate His love and grace amid life’s chaos. The EP features a collection of four original tracks, each carefully curated to evoke a range of emotions and give language to the blissful experience that is relationship and union with God. From the serene and tranquil tones of the opening track, "I Answered," to the lively and celebratory atmosphere of the EP's pinnacle, "My Soul Will Sing," - you will find that each and every song speaks to a perspective of a person that has made God the anchor of their life.

Efua B says, “Stemming from a balanced place, with roots firmly connected to God, these songs were birthed as a response to God’s goodness in my life. It is my way of communicating the inheritance that I have found in Him through Christ. Each track reflects a different stage of my journey with Christ. Lessons I had learnt through teaching became more than just knowledge. I came to understand the blessings of God within my life and realized His lordship over my life.”

Efua B invites friends Grace Tena, Becca Folkes, Michael Oyo and Naje Busia on this project. According to her, she chose to collaborate with these artists because they inspire her musically.

“A lot of the time we tend to look to artists abroad for inspiration but the UK is budding with extremely incredible gifting in the gospel music scene. I absolutely honour each and every one of these artists featured.”

Released under The Oyo Group, produced by Michael Oyo and mixed by Adam Smith, this transformative EP, ‘Seasons Come’ is now available on your preferred streaming platform.

“The message of this EP is that life with God is unmatched. You can feel a sense of belonging in Him. He’ll hold and keep you come rain or shine and the fruit of relationship with God is tasting of the “goodness of God in the land of the living.” (Psalms 27:13)” - Efua B

Stream ‘Seasons Come’ here.

About Efua B

“Efua B is a singer-songwriter from London who started music in her home church at the young age of 9, where she later went on to become the leader of the church youth choir, 'Chosen Generation.' Born into a Christian home, she went from simply knowing of God to entering into a relationship with Jesus as a young teenager, a transition she hopes her music will encourage others to experience. She later learned to play the guitar through YouTube, furthering her on her music and song-writing journey.

The purpose behind Efua's music is to remind listeners of who Jesus is and what He has done, revealing Christ's identity. She regards her sound as an expression of worship and a response to the truth of His word and all that He is in an authentic way. Efua believes there are many avenues to offering worship, and both her writing and music are reflective of her versatility.

Over the years, Efua has had the opportunity to share the stage and work with a number of artists based in the UK. Efua is heavily influenced by Israel Houghton, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong & Travis Greene.

Efua currently serves as a worship leader in her local church. She aims to continue making timeless music that reflects her relationship with God, and that all believers can use to worship.”

Follow Efua B on all social media platforms for updates on future releases.

Instagram: @efuabtv @theoyogroup

YouTube: The Oyo Group


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