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Breaking- Maverick City and We the Kingdom pull out of Big Church Day Out, 4 months before the event

Two years after a global concert hiatus, things were looking up for the return of BCDO 2022, however despite her best efforts to keep their commitments, news just broke that fan favourites Maverick City and We the Kingdom have pulled out of the grand event this summer. The news comes 4 months till the massive outdoor festival;. Due to the ongoing global health crisis, ‘BCDO’ recently got the green light with restrictions on mask wearing and isolations in the UK lifted, however this is not the same rule for other countries. We have no news on specific reasons why they pulled out but BCDO spoke on the matter moments ago.

Taking to press via an official statement BCDO released below:

"Today we're bringing some sad news. We're really

disappointed to announce that Maverick City and We The

Kingdom have chosen to pull out of Big Church Day Out

2022. Maverick City have decided not to stick to their

commitment to come, and We The Kingdom exercised

their option to cancel if for any reason they were uneasy

about travel restrictions. We did everything within our

power to get them to change their minds but it was to no

avail. Like so many of you, we were so looking forward to having

them with us and are so gutted they have decided to not

be a part of Big Church this year. We remain super excited

and 100% confident that this is still going to be the biggest

& best Big Church ever and we can't wait to"

Fans took to social media to air out their disappointment:

Sarah Burnett

Oh my days they were both my main reason for booking my very first Big Church day out. Hoping you will introduce me to some new fabulous artists. . Sx

Kaylee Rouse

Very sad but we will enjoy all the other amazing artists

Simone Mason

That's is very sad news BCDO is still going to be TOTALLY AWESOME though

Angellina-Máire Rowe

Julie Ramsden I would highly recommend a listen to both of these bands on youtube, such a shame they are not coming

Nancy Masona

Sad,sad,sad. But we pray they will come next year God willing.

Angela Brydon

As I read that it was sad news I thought the whole event was being postponed again. Lineup change whilst sad not as bad

Hope is not all lost as the event still has an amazing list of artists on the bill.

Travis Greene


Matt Redman

Casting Crowns

Guvna B

Phillipa Hannah and more

After facing some backlash over their official statement, they assured everyone on a great final line up and edited their statement.

We have great respect for and love these artists and are equally as gutted they won't be with us this year. We were aware that some people may have booked their ticket to see these artists so we felt it's important to be as transparent as possible as to the reasons they won't be there, and certainly had no intentions to judge them, but rather to give accurate information, so are sorry if it came over the wrong way. We have amended the caption in light of this. Thank you for your feedback!

We are so excited about the other artists we have coming! It's going to be a great few days. Big Church 22 is the best way to end the spring half term break, with friends, family and your church community.

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