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A guide to making a Christian music video

So you have created a song and it's doing numbers. A music video is a great way to repackage and further market your music. There are quite a number of things to consider when making a music video, but if you are in the gospel music industry, you should know that our music videos are in a category of their own. If you've ever wanted to make your own Christian music video, this guide is for you.

1. Use vibrant colours and catchy transitions

Warm colours do something for aesthetics, and transitions keep viewers hooked from start to finish. Be playful with your angles. Ask CAIN , they'll tell you that you can never go wrong with bright colours and interesting transitions.

2. Get background singers or an army of dancers

What is a Christian music video without a number of people randomly dancing or singing in the background? The message is heavy, you can't carry it alone - the more back-ups, the merrier!

3. Get in touch with nature

Every Christian artist has at one point or another recorded at the sea or an open field; at sunrise, noon or sunset. God is after all the Creator of it all, and what better way to showcase His creativity than to shoot outdoors? You can even perform under the rain for more emphasis. See Lauren Diagle

4. Make a fashion statement

Some of us watch music videos just for the outfits, so don't be afraid to stand out. Let your dresses have as many frills and sequins as possible - if you can attach eagle wings behind your show-stopping suit, go ahead! That's what makes the video even better. Tye Tribbett will tell you more.

5. Sing passionately in front of a microphone

Considering that most Christian songs are slow, you would need to get in front of a microphone and sing your heart out. Ask Marizu, he'll tell you that that's the best way to go.

6. Show musicians in their element or better yet, hold an instrument you cannot play.

Your music video is not complete if you don't play an instrument. Your viewers should see your eyes closed as you play the keyboard or guitar. You don't even need to know how to play it, just let it give 'wow, (s)he's so passionate'.

7. Sad story, happy ending

One thing many Christian music videos have is the drama element. In 5 minutes, if an artist is going that route, they will let you know that every trial ends with a testimony, and Paul didn't end up taking his life. Don't believe me, watch 911 by Darasimi and Lawrence Oyor.

8. Keep looking up

Close your eyes, lift your hands and look up. You are after all singing to the Lord; make sure your viewers never forget that. Yes, all those facial expressions are necessary.

9. Drive, drive and keep driving

Our God is limitless, and if you're going to drive, there should be no end to your journey. Just drive, sing and continue driving. Tap on the steering wheel if need be.

10. Record live at church

Who says you need to spend thousands of dollars hiring dancers and singers? If all else fails, just sing your song as a special at church and beg the media team to turn on the audience mic and focus on that sister that cries during worship. Elevation, Bethel and the likes know this tip.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section below!

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