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All I Need – Noel Mio, Reblah & Lamb Culture

This soulful RnB Gospel release, performed by Noel Mio, Reblah, and Lamb Culture, offers a uniquely uplifting Christian experience with a blend of timeless musical creativity.

Reblah, Noel Mio, Lamb Culture

"All I Need" serves as a heartfelt reminder that God is the sole provider for all our needs. It stands as a source of encouragement, emphasizing that, despite life's challenges, we are conquerors through our faith in Jesus Christ. This song beautifully encapsulates our testimonies of deliverance by God and was meticulously produced by Rehmahz, a talented artist from Lamb Culture. The creative journey spanned international borders, involving collaborative efforts through numerous studio sessions, connecting artists and producers from Nigeria, South Africa, and the UK.

Give it a listen here!

For further engagement and updates, please follow Reblah, Noel and Lamb Culture on Instagram:

Reblah: @Reblahgram

Noel Mio: @iamnoelmio

Lamb Culture: @thelambculture


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