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30 Songwriting Prompts (Gospel Edition)

30 Songwriting Prompts (for gospel artists)

As an artist, writing songs can get hard. Starting is hard, and when we eventually do start, sometimes we get stuck at the inevitable wall that is 'writer’s block'.

Like with every other skill, practice makes improvement and with improvement, you get closer to completing that life-changing song.

Today we're winding it down with songwriting prompts to practice with.

Songwriting Prompts

1. Write about five things you see can see right now.

2. Write a song about your favourite Bible verse.

3. Write a song about faith.

4. Write a song about what music means to you.

5. Rewrite someone else's song.

6. Write a song about your favourite memory.

7. Write a song about love.

8. Write a song about your greatest accomplishment and how it made you feel.

9. Write a song about your best trip.

10. Write a song about forgiveness.

11. Watch the news and listen for song titles.

12. Write a song about the latest sermon you listened to.

13. “Retune” a Song of Scripture (Psalms).

14. Write a song addressed to your childhood self.

15. Write a song for someone who passed away.

16. Write a song about your favourite Bible story

17. Write a song about the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

18. Write a song about the times in which you’ve felt God’s presence.

19. Pitch-shift someone else's song.

20. Write from someone else's point of view.

21. Write a song in 10 minutes.

22. Watch a scene in a movie with the volume on mute and write a song for that scene.

23. Write a song about family.

24. Write a song about a community you're part of and how it has impacted you.

25. Write a song about your day.

26. Write a song about what you would say if the whole world was listening.

27. Write about a life-changing moment.

28. Write about five blessings in your life.

29. Write about peace.

30. Write a song in a genre you’ve never written in before. Feel free to listen to a playlist for inspiration first!

Remember that these prompts are for practice so don’t overthink it. Songs are generally much shorter than articles or stories; a few key lines are all you need.

No one has to ever hear the song if you don’t like it at the end. Have fun with it!

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