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13 songs that will have you in your feels - Christian edition

Christian valentine songs

The highly anticipated, and perhaps for some, the most dreaded day of love has arrived. While some are busy preparing in their red and white attire, others opt for the classic elegance of black. No matter your plans for today, here are 13 gospel songs guaranteed to stir your emotions today.

NOTHING NEW (I DO) - Brandon Lake

We have had this song on repeat since its release last weekend and not just because Valentine's Day was around the corner. It's just a simple yet intricate song. It reminds us love isn't always in novelty but in simplicity. He also features his wife in the video which we just love!

Eternity (The Wedding Song) - Folabi Nuel

Folabi Nuel definitely meant to make us cry with this song and the entire project. From the orchestra, to the soul-like singing; we love everything about this song

Godsend - Riley Clemmons, Brett Young

This song speaks to the journey of love and faith, acknowledging the struggles and uncertainties along the way. The lyrics reflect on the challenges faced, the moments of surrender, and the eventual realization of the beauty found in relying on a higher power and in the process of love itself. Its message of perseverance, growth, and finding beauty in adversity resonates deeply, making it a poignant choice.

Your Love - Blessing Offor

Blessing Offor's soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, combined with the infectious groove of "Your Love," create an ideal for celebrating love and connection. Whether you're reflecting on past struggles or embracing the beauty of being surrounded by love, this track reminds us to keep our hearts open and centered in the midst of love's journey.

Still Standing - CalledOut Music, Deb Orah

With its simple yet uplifting melody this track reminds listeners of the beauty of companionship and the strength found in love's enduring embrace. The repetition of "I'm still standing" emphasizes the theme of perseverance and serves as a powerful affirmation of love's ability to overcome challenges.

Overwhelmed - Naffymar, Marizu

This song exudes a message of unconditional and transformative love. Its lyrics express the depth and purity of love, emphasizing forgiveness, acceptance, and security found in the embrace of a beloved. The repeated imagery of sweetness and warmth, coupled with the declaration of being overwhelmed by love's confetti-like joy, creates a celebratory atmosphere.

Aria's Gift - Kojo Dave

From a father to his daughter, this is a beautiful song about unconditional love.

The God Who Stays - Matthew West

This song shows how love remains constant even when we feel unworthy. It's about feeling accepted and loved deeply, no matter what mistakes we've made. It reminds us that true love never gives up and always stays by our side, making it perfect for celebrating love's enduring strength on Valentine's Day.

Safe Place (Sunday Breeze) - Angeloh, Sha_De

This song beautifully expresses the feeling of safety, freedom, and peace that comes with being with someone you love. The imagery of being given wings to fly and finding a safe place to hide away with that special person evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. It celebrates the unique bond shared between two people, highlighting the ways in which love brings joy and tranquility to their lives.

Sure Love/All Day - 24LDZ, Rehmahz, Kojo Dave

Love Broke Thru - TobyMac

This song is fitting because it beautifully captures the transformative power of love, illustrating how it can break through darkness and despair to bring hope and redemption. The verses depict a nostalgic journey of self-discovery and surrender, celebrating the profound impact of love breaking through the barriers of doubt and fear. The bridge adds a nostalgic touch, highlighting the moment when love unexpectedly enters one's life, making it a heartfelt choice for this season

My Love - Shirlvin Desir, Michelle Vinueza

Love Letter - Esua

This track expresses deep love and devotion to Jesus, which mirrors the sentiments of love often celebrated on this day. The lyrics convey a heartfelt commitment to Jesus as the only one deserving of praise and adoration, promising to give everything to him. The imagery of surrender and worship creates a sense of intimacy and reverence, making it a beautiful choice for celebrating love and devotion, whether to a partner or to a higher power.

Don't get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing! Enjoy!

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