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10 Types of People You'll Find In A Heated Christian Twitter Conversation

If there's one thing that's constant in community, it's disagreement. Even Paul had his fair share of arguments, but we're not going to go into that. Here are different types of people you'll probably run into whenever Christian Twitter is on fire.

The ones who light the match

These are the ones who always start the argument. They know the topic will spark controversy, but they write a tweet (or thread) about it. They then begin to reply sparingly, but defensively until everyone starts talking about it, then they log off. Some of them are also quick to privatize their account and lock replies. You probably know a number of them by handle.

The ones that fan the fire

Even in the Kingdom, there are people who prefer war. These are the ones in the mentions or DMS shouting 'louder!', 'please call them out!.' If they're on the other side of the fence they're the first to say something against said tweet.

The subtweeters

These are the ones that are not brave enough to reply or quote the tweet, so they'll go to their timeline of 100 followers and begin to rant. If they're brave enough to name-drop, they'll put '*' or 'x' in between the letters of names so their tweets don't appear when you search. They're also quick to delete if anyone disagrees with their tweet. God has not given us the spirit to fear, tweet your tweet, @ your @!

The peacemakers

These are the ones that try to find common ground, albeit most times unsuccessful. They take "blessed are the peacemakers," quite seriously. You'll see them trying to balance both sides.

The ones who tweet Bible verse

Sometimes in cahoot with the peacemakers, these ones have only one weapon; the Bible. The answers to all questions lay in the Bible after all; they know just where to look. But who really listens to Bible when they're fighting?

The bystanders who eventually disappear

These are the scrollers; the ones who can see a building falling and walk past it. They're one hundred percent unbothered. Come what may, they have one anthem - SCROLL AND PASS. In this category as well, are the ones who don't want anything to destroy their peace. They don't want to see, hear or speak any evil, so they run away. Sometimes they may return and still see the streets of Christian Twitter on fire, then run away again.

The ones that have nothing to say

These are the ones who don't really have much to say, they just want to feel like part of the action. You'll see them reply or quote said tweet with, "hmm", "okay", or "wow".

The atheist

For some reason, people who don't believe in God feel the need to add a comment to every Christian tweet they come across. At this point, it's safe to say they search for the tweets, just so they can reply.

The newsmongers

They lowkey-like argument. You'll see them taking screenshots and discussing tweets on their group chats. Nothing can pass them. If you like, delete all your tweets, they've already saved them and they're ready to 'this you?' anyone that misbehaves.

The wise ones

They like big grammar, theology, and threads (that nobody can finish reading). If you sit still and read very well, you'll find there's wisdom in what they've said.

Here you have it, ten types of Christians you'll run into during a Christian Twitter argument. Which one are you? Did we miss any? Leave your comment down below.

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