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William McDowell pays touching Tribute to Nathaniel Bassey on his 40th Birthday.

No we are not crying, You are!! It was so amazing to see some of Nathaniel's song catalogue delivered by the legendary William McDowell. William performed alongside deeper worship, honouring Nathaniel with his worship hits "Imela", "God all by Yourself" and their joint classic "Nothing like your Presence".

"It is your 40th birthday and I am so honoured to stand here in this moment and wish my brother a Happy Birthday. I wanted to be in Nigeria, that was the initial arrangement but the plans did not work out. Nathaniel is some who means so much not only to believers around the world but specifically to me. My life has been deeply Impacted by my friendship with you, my ministry and church have been impacted by your ministry. I pray that this is a moment of refreshing for you and you will literally see the reality of the scriptures that says He who refreshes in others will himself be refreshed, we speak the blessings of the lord upon you, may this be the greatest season of your life.

I am so grateful for you and our friendship. You are my brother and I thank God for you. Happy birthday my friend!"

Nathaniel was so touched he responded via his instagram:

The presence of God i experienced overwhelmed me this morning. What an honour. What love! I cried and wept like a baby watching this. My covenant brother and friend. Of kindred spirit and passion. I feel so loved and honored. @pastorwilliammcdowell - I love you, truly. And we would love and serve this Jesus forever. Saints, honour this man of God with and for me. 🙏

We are both AUGUST specials. Perhaps one of the reasons we are connected.

This is my brother and friend ! My covenant brother. Most of us have seen in the last few days the Honour and Love He showed on my landmark birthday. Such is the heart that is WILLIAM MCDOWELL’s. Thank you for being Authentic ! One that express CHRIST. I truly love and honour you. And can’t wait to be with you next month. Friends please Leo me celebrate @pastorwilliammcdowell - Let Him feel and know how much we love Him.

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