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Will Gray combines creative forces with Teelow on latest Psalms Project: "Psalm 17 (Apple of Your Eye)"

Will Gray Teelow Psalm 17

In a powerful new collaboration, up-and-coming artists Teelow and Will Gray have combined their creative forces to produce "Psalm 17 (Apple of Your Eye)," a Hip hop / R&B-inspired track that promises to be the perfect meditative soundtrack for this summer. This latest installment in Will Gray’s psalms project delivers a unique blend of melodic and orchestral textures with the raw and powerful delivery that Teelow brings to the table.

Will Gray, a visionary songwriter based in London, is known for grappling with the timeless truths of the Psalms through his music. His latest track ventures into new territory with the help of Teelow, a talented artist whose authentic and inspiring music has captivated listeners for years. Gray discovered Teelow through a friend and has been keenly following his work ever since.

"Having found Teelow through a friend and followed his very authentic and inspiring music for a few years now, it’s an understatement to say I was keen to get him in on a Psalm. The way he processes his creative thoughts and brings words to life is captivating and I knew that he would be the right person to help bring Psalm 17 alive. It was a real privilege to get to create with him and I hope you'll all agree that he’s brought the fire to this one," says Gray.

"Psalm 17 (Apple of Your Eye)" masterfully blends Gray’s signature melodic and orchestral textures with the grit, grace, and flow of Teelow’s delivery. Drawing influences from artists like Stormzy and Jamie Cullum, the track stands out as a unique earworm that is set to intrigue and delight listeners throughout the season.

Teelow's urgent and visceral delivery brings a fresh intensity to the project, making this collaboration a standout addition to Will Gray’s Psalms series. Together, they have created a track that not only resonates with the soul but also pushes the boundaries of genre, offering a rich and engaging listening experience.

"Psalm 17 (Apple of Your Eye)" is now available on all major streaming platforms.

About Will Gray

Will Gray is a London-based songwriter whose work delves into the timeless truths of the psalms. His music combines melodic and orchestral textures to create a sound that is both modern and deeply reflective.

About Teelow

Teelow is a rising artist known for his authentic and inspiring music. His ability to bring creative thoughts to life through his powerful delivery makes him a standout performer in the Hip Hop/R&B scene.

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