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Video - Rae Rae unveils visuals for 'Know You More"

The soulful number is lifted from the London natives critically acclaimed debut EP, "Conversation" which was released under a month ago. This release continues the stream of fresh material poured out by the gospel starlet.

We spoke to Rae Rae as she premiered the brand new video. She describes 'Know You More" as a very personal song.

"At some stage of our christian walk with Christ, we want to know Him on a deeper level and this song is a form of a prayer that let’s God know about the yearning to be in God’s presence. This song is also a reminder to people that God is a friend, we can talk to Him about anything whether good or bad, He should be the first person we run too. I sum it up as when we speak,  God hears and when God speaks we listen"

HFP Musiccity: We are loving how excellence is a major part of your campaign, from the EP and Single covers to the music videos, how was the experience like shooting the 'Know You more" video

Shooting the video was very fun as it was my first time shooting in Chicago! My goodness it was a very hot day, so by the end of it my makeup was melting haha. We did the shoot in three different locations, a beach, two different parks and a really lovely space that the director found. Whilst singing in these locations it was nice that people would stop by to either watch or applaud me. Being that this is my second music video I was more confident and knew what I had to do. The team were helpful and made me feel really comfortable on the day being that it was my first time in all the locations.

HFP Musiccity: Congratulations on your new release. We are loving the EP, can you tell us your favourite song on the record and why?

Rae Rae: Thank You.. My fav song has been "Know You More" actually but my next fav is "Holy Spirit" and "One Thing". I’m sorry I can’t pick one yikes! I love the rearrangement of Holy Spirit, this song has always been an anthem for me and my go to call to worship song so being able to have my version of the song is amazing, it just sounds so calming. Let me not forget "One Thing", this song basically says look ‘I love Jesus’, ‘let me tell you about Jesus’, in such a cool way. Marizu who features on the track took it to a whole level.

HFP Musiccity : We are currently living in unprecedented times, how important is gospel music in this season?

Rae Rae: Gospel Music offers hope for us all. These songs remind us of the God that we serve, this same God understands what we’re going through and can hold our hand through it all. As gospel singers and ministers we forget that we are singing life over people and that our words carry weight. There are so many songs that will not just lift your spirit but make you want to dance too! 

HFP Musiccity : Did you have the pandemic in mind when preparing and writing this song?

Rae Rae: I wouldn’t say I had the pandemic in mind when I did this song but this song came during the pandemic. One of the groups in my church were holding a prayer and fasting and during this time my leader said that God was going to give me a song. I started making a few songs during the days of the prayer and fasting, ‘Know You More’ being one of them and the one I followed through with. I just knew there was something special about the song. So I would say God definitely gave me a song!

Performed by Rae Rae; Written by Rae Rae; Produced by Michael Oyo

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