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UK Based Kenyan Singer/Songwriter Betty Mungai releases a fresh body of work - ‘Seen’ the EP.

This project is one which summarizes a journey of healing, surrender, discovery of God’s kingdom and a Christian’s identity. From it’s first track ‘Follow You’, which talks about a commitment to follow Jesus despite distractions all around, to ‘Church girl’, which puts a spin on how this term has been used in the past, usually in a negative connotation, to ‘Pinky Promise Psalm’, with its playful vibe reminding us of how much bigger God’s promises are bigger in comparison to pinky promises, to all 6 tracks - ‘Seen’ the EP aims to lead the listener to the truth that they are seen and loved by God who created them.

According to Betty, “This project reinforces our identity in that we are seen, known and loved by God through the sacrifice Jesus made. In a world where we are required to choose a far right or far left side, we are reminded to display heaven on earth. You can bop, chill and be reminded who God created you to be!”

‘Seen” the EP will be available for streaming and download from the 18th of February, 2022 on all digital music platforms.

The EP has 6 tracks.


Track 1 - Follow You

Track 2 - Church Girl

Track 3 - Pinky Promise Psalm

Track 4 - Seen

Track 5 - Glimpses

Track 6 - Even This

Betty hopes to continue to use her unique sounds as a channel through which she blesses people.

Follow Betty Mungai on all social media platforms for updates on future releases!

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