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Tye Tribett opens up about the dark side of music industry

It is certainly not a common thing to get artists expose the ugly side of the music industry, however, it’s not unusual. Just like several artists have done in the past, Tye Tribett took to social media; ranting to his followers about some of the reasons he had been out of the music scene. “If you have money, you can get certain platforms, if not you have to do certain things to make that platform,” Tye states that the industry is all about making money and not necessarily about the music and the intent artists have for their songs and are not willing to use his own money for the compromise. 

“I ain’t selling out!”

Tye repeatedly highlights this throughout the video and emphasises the lack of care he now has about what the world considers to be a success. In the song ‘Claustrophobic’, PJ Morton, similarly to Tye Tribett, defends the integrity of what it is to be an artist and not conforming to the standards of the music industry; “to be in this world, when not of it, is a challenge,” Tye exclaims, as he urges us to pray for people’s influences on professionalism. 

Now, just a question; if you were in the music scene, how true to yourself do you think you’d be? Especially within the gospel music scene; whereas an artist, you are inevitably trying to turn people’s heart to God. “I’m not doing it… If my music is not good enough to be played at certain places, hallelujah - maybe it’s not for that. I do it to the Glory of the Lord,” Tye protests. Would this be the mentality you would have? As a result of a business call that evidently infuriated him, Tye Tribett suggests that he may be leaving the music scene, as he expresses that he doesn’t know how long he’ll be in the industry for and proceeded to call it  “demonic”. 

Despite the negativity surrounding the video, Tye was still able to self-promote his new single that he describes as being similar to his earlier single, ‘Work It Out’. “If I desire anything, it’s for people to know the song and hear it and to enjoy and be encouraged by it, and their hearts turn to God from it - period!”, Tye prompts us to follow our heart and God’s way, and that man’s way is not always the best way.

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