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Ty Bello presents "Africa Awake".. A music letter to the motherland

Updated: May 7, 2021

Toyin Sokefun-Bello, better known as TY Bello, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, photographer and philanthropist returns with a stunning prophetic body of work. A picture of Gods heart for every tribe, tongue and nation to lift the name of the Lord. The 11-track album features Nathaniel Bassey, Nosa, Folabi Noel and a host of others.

Ty has always had the spirit of excellence in everything she does, from capturing amazing images to her music. One thing is certain, whatever her hand finds doing, she does it well. She is Africa's source of inspiration and creativity. The perfect soundtrack for this exact moment we are in. We love a relevant artist here at HFPMusic City.

Ty Bello spills on the process below:

"I am so grateful for the support guys! .. It's been a long journey. Almost 18 months of production. And hard work and grace, interpreting the beautiful music with my amazing family from Egypt. It was a surreal, spiritual and cultural journey for me .. Letting the music go as far as God intended and I cannot wait to share #AFRICAAWAKE with you all. I hope it achieves everything that The Father intended❤"

She further spoke on the special album

"I’ve listened to experts speculate on how Africa may lose in its war against COVID 19. Corners of the earth with seemingly more robust infrastructure have been infiltrated and broken by this outbreak. Indeed.. the planet as a whole was not ready for this.

While there may be legitimate concerns about our fate .. I believe there is still the option of considering in hope that this could very well be AFRICA’S FINEST MOMENT if we awake and unite in the face of this impending doom . .. We must again understand that we are a very important part of this puzzle … every life on every continent is .Plus we are all now more connected than we’ve ever been. Every triumph and mistake made by any must cause all others to humble themselves and learn quickly !

God help us as we pray for answers still for the science and medicine wisdom and courage for our leaders healing and restoration. We pray for all mankind …but As we open up to hope, we do the right things we know to do. For now … we STAY HOME .. STOP THE SPREAD AND FLATTEN THE CURVE. I believe we will .. so AWAKE AFRICA .. ARISE AND STAND TALL #TOGETHER!'

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