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Track of the week - Rae Rae - Serenity

We announced last week that Rae Rae is teasing new music and its finally here. Our track of the week 'Senerity'.

After releasing her debut EP Conversations in the last quarter of 2020 and building her fanbase by her viral posts on social media platforms, Rae Rae is poised to enjoy a

wave of support in 2021 for this new musical piece.

This new single is a stunning piece of work which conveys a serenading gentle and calm experience throughout. In a recent interview, the artist explained that she wrote the song to convey the all encompassing peace and joy that God brings to each and every one of us in trying times. When you listen to it, you’ll agree that it is so apt for the times we’re


Rae Rae’s personality definitely shines through its rhythm, accompanied by captivating vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.

“This one is close to my heart, even when so much is going on or things don’t quite make sense, I thank God for the PEACE He gives.” - Rae Rae

Serenity was produced in London by Féz and co-written by Rae Rae and

CalledOut Music; Mixed and Mastered by Whiteblock Group. Graphic designs by

JaBrand Design.

‘Serenity’ is available on all digital streaming platforms

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