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Todd Dulaney releases 5th album "Anthems & Glory" + Release Concert

New Music from Todd Dulaney is here! "Anthems & Glory" is a continuation of songs from scripture that Dulaney has shared over the past year. Dulaney is taking words directly from the scripture and creating anthemic songs that are ministering to audiences worldwide.

The lyrics point vertically and focuses on the power and greatness of God. The chorus on the current single "Revelation 4" says "You will receive Glory, honor, power now and forever..."

Dulaney is passionate about singing the words etched in the bible out into the atmosphere during a time where there is much uncertainty and a need to point the focus back to God. It's a poignant and needed reminder for the faith based audiences.

Todd Dulaney hosts his live Album Release Concert featuring Todd Galberth, Pastor David Wilford, Smokie Norful and more!

We've come to know Todd Dulaney through hit songs like "Victory Belongs To Jesus", "Your Great Name", "The Anthem" and so much more.

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