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The Power of Consistency

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out" - Robert Collier.

It is often said that to a build new habit, one has to practice daily until it sticks. As monotonous as repetition might seem, within it lies strength. Eventually, there will come a time when all will seem wrong with the world until you've had your daily dose of practice. You wouldn't be able to sleep till you've done it. That's the mystery behind forming new habits.

The rule of consistency applies not to one, but almost all areas of lives, including your music journey. The rule is simple "put in the time, get desired results and sustain growth"

As popular as this word may seem, many still undermine the power of consistency, especially in the gospel music industry. Yes, God gives one speed, but let's remember that speed without consistency is zero multiplied by zero.

Growth doesn't happen overnight. Genuine success no matter how quickly it comes has a story behind it. There must have been a few slow days, and many frustrating ones. There must have been moments so dark that the main character almost threw in the towel.

The truth is there's so much hidden power in consistency. We shouldn't rush the process or get overwhelmed with the shortcomings we face.

Let's try this: read about your favourite gospel Artist, or better yet, ask your favourite artist about their journey, and genuinely pay attention to the details. Many won't amplify it, but if they are honest enough they will share some trials they encountered along the way: nights where they had to burn the midnight candle to finish that song or plan that event; times when people told them they wouldn't make it with their type of music; times when all they had left was their faith; if you really pay close attention, you'll see that consistency is one thing that pays off.

Let's talk a bit on the importance of consistency:

Builds Momentum

One benefit of consistency is that it builds momentum. Engaging consistently in anything enables you identify your strengths as well as your weakness, and going at it helps you find your footing and make the most of it.

Consistency is the middle man

Consistency is the middle man between success and failure. How do you know you're going to succeed if you give up ? If it gets tough , try again till you get it right and don't settle for mediocrity (Easier said than done, but best done)

It makes you stand out.

Not directly related, but consistency could help you stand out from the crowd. If you stay with something long enough, with time you get to know better , learn more strategies and grow with more stature in your own lane. Show me a consistent man and I'll point you to a man who is walking in his own creative and successful lane no matter how slow he walks. On one hand, an inconsistent man who stumbles on success is likely to stumble out. Even the Bible says, "Seest thou a man diligent in his business , he shall stand before kings and not mere men" Proverbs 22:29 !

Let's look at one movement that is now very popular in Africa today; the #HalleujahChallenge.

This is a movement that has been nurtured from June 2017 till date by the popularly known Gospel Artist, Nathaniel Bassey. Through dedication and input of time, resources and consistent vision he has gained the eyes of more viewers with each online session than when he initially started. He faced criticism and many said he would eventually give up, but he held on. Through consistency, he kept those voices at bay. Every year more and more people tune in. Till date, those praise session hold daily during designated periods every year and with a system of improvement.

The whips of today may leave a scar, but that births the most beautiful success stories.. These scars only come through consistency .

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