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“The Gospel of The Kingdom” by Dunsin Oyekan hits #1 on iTunes Nigeria.

Nigerian Praise and Worship artist, Dunsin Oyekan released a SOUND across the earth and his album shot to number one on the Nigerian iTunes Charts in under 24 hours. Known as the "Unconventional Truth and Spirit Worshipper". The Household Name in Worship ministry with a torch bearing background. Intense is how it gets in the simplicity of the worship songs he has been inspired to write.

"Dear Friends, We present to you the 16 sounds on the new album. We sing revelations not songs, these are the revelations from the Father for this time and season. “The Lord gave the Word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it:” Psalms 68:11 NKJV

"I know people have their favourites on TGOTK album, but me o, I’ve not been able to decide.. Personally, I don’t get familiar to any of the sounds God gives me.. When I listen, I’m open to be ministered to... GOD DESERVES ALL THE GLORY" . Songs for the secret place....Songs for your personal altar...Songs to sing to the Father.

Here you go folks, we are committed to bringing you the latest and best in gospel music, so what are you waiting for. Check the latest offering from Dunsin Oyekan, available worldwide

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