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Tasha Cobs Leonard new single is OUT NOWWWWW!

Let's dig into it! "The Moment" is a powerful anthem and declaration. It challenges our faith and pushes us to MORE! Written by Deon Kipping, "The Moment" was the opener to Tasha's forthcoming #HYMNS live recording in June of this year at Chicago's, New Life Covenant Southeast.

Tasha's powerful voice and dynamic range electrified the audience of over 3,000 in attendance from beginning to end! The energy was through the roof. Leonard, a veteran to the gospel music industry with a string of chart topping hits, is such a rare gift and has the uncanny ability to navigate worship music to heights we didn't know were reachable. As she enters the drive to "The Moment". Tasha and her team of incredible singers and musicians seem to go into overdrive and the moment literally takes off!

The brand new lead single "The Moment" is the tip of the iceberg. The forthcoming album, #HYMNS is an instant classic, featuring some of gospel music's best like Grammy winners Mary Mary and Donald Lawrence to name a few! Tasha doesn't stop there, her crossover success and inspirational message brings #HYMNS to a global audience with a few surprise features that will blow you away!

This new album is a nastalgic journey through the musical history of church music with a fresh an innovative take on #HYMNS that is sure to captivate audiences, both young and old!

Be sure to check out the brand new single #THEMOMENT available now and all things TCL! Preorder for the new album #HYMNS is open with an October 7 release date!

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