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Stream - New Artist Efua b debuts with "Kingdom Come"

Worship in music is not only our response to God but an affirmation of what He’s done. Having just released a cover of Campus Rush's 'Yahweh,' Efua B is expressing her own affirmation to God with her debut single, 'Kingdom Come'.'

Kingdom Come' is a spirit-filled, reflective worship song of declaration. The song is a contemporary Christian music song fused with undertones of the authenticity of gospel sounds. This song is a dynamic expression of worship, from which the assurance of God's promises through Christ is evident. Efua referenced the message of the song in the following way:"Kingdom Come reminds us of how God has brought us near to Him and even given us authority and dominion in all things. It’s a reminder that His kingdom is our reality and the things around us change to heaven’s standard, sickness being one of those things.

"This song is a declaration of the authority and freedom God has given us and is a song for every season, allowing believers to fully understand what God has given us through Christ.”

Efua is known for her musical versatility, as well as her pure, simplistic yet potent sound, which is evident through her debut. 'Kingdom Come' will remind you of the power and authority you have access to. This song is an empowering message for all believers at this time.

Written by: Efua Owusu-Boakye, Paul Edet & Michael Idowu. Produced by: Michael Oyo

The single is now out on all platforms.

Follow Efua B on Instagram for more updates: @efuabtv.

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