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So many reasons to be thankful - CalledOut Music

Although it takes decades for traditions to be formed, CalledOut Music’s end-of-year gift is something we now comfortably look forward to. This 2022 single, which the artist shared a snippet of weeks ago has been worth the suspense. ‘Ese’, a Yoruba word translating to ‘Thank You’ is an Afro-pop single that speaks of God’s unending faithfulness.

With lyrics that feel like a joyful home, and a blend of contemporary yet traditional highlife tunes, CalledOut Music presents a timeless ode to God for an eventful year thus far.

Reflecting on the track, COM says

”It started off as a freestyle. We all should have moments when we pause and reflect on God’s goodness; Ese was written on one of those days. I wrote it one gratitude-filled morning. It really became a full fledged song after the overwhelming response it received on social media - so many people wanted a full version out quickly. I hope it reminds listeners to always give thanks regardless.”

Infectious as it is inspiring, ‘Ese’ is released under HFP Music; written and produced by Samuel Nwachukwu and is available on your preferred streaming platform from the 16th of December, 2022.

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