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Should Christian Artists Ticket Live Shows?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

A topic was sparked yesterday on Christian Twitter. One that has been whispered about in secret, but never in the open - "Should Gospel Artists Ticket Live Events?"

It all started with a tweet, as most great arguments do, where a Twitter user @SammieSaliu, asked why worshippers should be charged to worship and classed according to how much they pay. See below:

This sparked a lot of controversies, and we have, till this moment, not arrived at a definite conclusion. Here were some of the replies that followed.

Humour wasn't lost as Award-winning gospel artistes Limoblaze and CalledOut Music plugged their 2023 live shows:

Life coach, Solomon Buchi said:

The Pastor of Celebration Church International, Pastor Iren made a thread on the topic:

Here are other replies we found rather interesting:

It further brought rise to the struggle of Christian artistes and what it means to suffer for the Kingdom.

In conclusion,

To each his own, we guess. What's your opinion? Do you think? Should Christian events be ticketed? Comment down below!

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