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Songs you should listen to this Valentine's Day 2023

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day! 14th February is a day that no longer needs an introduction, and whether you choose to breathe it in or not, love is in the air. Whether you are just falling in love or have been married for a while, Christian love songs explore a deeper side of love. Today, we bring you love songs by Christian artists - enjoy!❤️

This Is Love - for KING & COUNTRY

This is a pop single by popular Australian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone. In a modern culture that promotes temporary, fleeting love, this track is a beacon of hope. It paints a picture of love according to God's grand design - permanent, strong, and unconditional.

I'll love you 'til the end of my days

Love Around - CalledOut Music

As aforementioned, love is in the air. Although initially released in 2018, with over 3 million streams, this is a song that is still able to brighten any day. Listen here!

White Dress (feat. Annatoria) - Still Shadey

From Still Shadey's latest EP 'Wedding Gift', this single isn't one for the singles (no pun intended). As the name implies, this track sings of the anticipation that a wedding brings. The chorus sings:

"Can't wait for you to pull up in that white dress.
We about to tie this three-chord into one flesh
I'm about to do this real life with my best friend
And I'm so ready, I'm so ready, I'm so ready for you girl"

Beautiful vocalized with the beautiful Annatoria, it's an excellent listen. Feel free to listen to this love-filled EP here.

When God Made You - Newsong ft Natalie Grant

This song needs no introduction as many have probably come across it at one wedding or another. Newsong is an American contemporary Christian music group that was founded in 1981. With twelve GMA Dove Award nominations, and one Grammy Award Nomination; 'When God Made You' is one of their most popular songs.

When God made you, He must have been thinking about me.

This Loving (ft. Johnny Drille) - Limoblaze

Limoblaze teams up with inspiring vocalist Johnny Drille to deliver “This Loving.” This track expresses the joys of new love - finally finding 'your person'. Beautiful vocals, soft beats. Listen here!

Love You (feat. Sal Ly) - Marizu

Marizu and Sal Ly team up to create a soulful single, 'Love You.' It sings of the constancy of God's love. This is the second track off his most recent album 'Forever'. Listen here.

Shugah - Angeloh

Angeloh and Greatman Takit team up on fuji song - Shugah. The song celebrates the sweet rush that comes with being in love. Like a young kid in a candy store, the writer will do anything to secure the love of his lady - even if he has to pay her bride price (like Jacob) two times over.

First Love (ft Rae Rae) - Shimon Atunde

Shimon Atunde teams with Rae Rae on this tune “First Love”.

First Love is a song about that true, complete love, we all had for God when we were first saved. It’s about returning to that in the face of all the other things that vie for our attention. Rae Rae and Shimon’s hope for this song is encapsulated in Revelations 2:4-5, a charge by Jesus to the church to remember their “First Love”. Their prayer is that everyone who listens to this song is reminded of their “First Love”, their “First Love” being Jesus.

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