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SayotheArtist pens gratitude song to God with "Kaare"

Oluwasayo Olowo-Ake, also known as Sayotheartist, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, curator, and artist. She grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, where she enjoyed listening to music with her family. This shaped her passion for it and helped her forge her own sound. Sayo’s artistry finds expression in music, painting, curating and storytelling.

Her new song ‘Kaare’ meaning ‘well done’ in English is a song that expresses gratitude to God for His sustenance in trying times. This song 'Kaare' is a hybrid of Nigerian Afrobeat and pop sounds which creates a fun yet affirming tune that will appeal to listeners as well as remind them to praise God for His faithfulness thus far; to surrender in trust and believe His Word going forward.

Sayo says, "God gave me this song when I was going through a tough season in my life. Then, I saw God show up one miracle at a time. Whenever I remember that tough season, I find more miracles in His sustenance than in my answered prayers. So, Kaare means more to me everyday because I see that everything God said about Himself is true."

Written by Sayotheartist, produced, mixed and mastered by William Ajiyemi (@_manlikewills ) of Motive Music and cover art by Sayotheartist - ‘Kaare’ is available for streaming and downloading now

Sayotheartist aims to use her talent to create more original songs to uplift listeners in the coming months.

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