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RORE storms with debut single - ‘So Good’

RORE (pronounced ‘Row-ray’) is a UK based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist born in Reading, England. Officially her first single, 'So Good' is a beautifully composed rock/gospel worship song about how the greatness of God can be found in His consistency and simplicity. Listening once may not be enough as the revelation behind these lyrics and sweet-sounding melodies make it a repeat.

Growing up in a musical family, RORE was trained in classical singing, piano, and saxophone from the age of 13. Being the only way she found to express herself, her music describes the world from her point of view. The simple depth of the lyrics in ‘So Good’ gives us a taste of what to expect from RORE. When asked about the message she wishes to send with this track she says,

“I want it to be a reminder to people that God is consistent despite our circumstances.

He is consistent in his character and He is, by definition, good.

Nothing in the world can change that.”

RORE hopes to help people step away from certain arbitrary rules that are enforced in the name of religion. With her unique style of delivering honest and transparent lyrics, she is well on her way to taking the gospel music scene by storm.

On her creative process she says, “I don’t have one set method of making music. Sometimes I hear a guitar riff or bassline in my head, sometimes the words come first; I could be listening to a sermon at church or reading my Bible when inspiration comes. A lot of the time I hear melodies in my head just as I’m falling asleep and I’d have to quietly record them on my phone so I wouldn’t wake my mum up at 1 am.

She sings of the difficulties as well as the joys of life, so listeners are in for a journey of the realities of life in the light of a perfect God. ‘So Good’ is perfect for your worship and inspirational playlists.

Produced, mixed and mastered by William Ajiyemi, Cover Art by JA Brand Designs, ‘So Good’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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