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Rising Artist Ebi Oginni Inspires Resilience with New Single "Through the Fire"

Rising Christian artist Ebi Oginni has released a powerful new single titled "Through the Fire," a song that aims to inspire resilience and faith during challenging times. Written amid the pandemic, Oginni’s latest track draws deeply from her experiences as a frontline worker facing uncertainty and fear.

Reflecting on the creation of "Through the Fire," Oginni shares,

"I wrote this song in the middle of the pandemic. I remember how it felt, going to work with a new, highly contagious virus, knowing there was a chance I could get it too. Every WhatsApp message or email carried an undertone of fear and confusion. Treatment protocols were constantly changing, and as a frontline worker, these changes could potentially impact the kids and how we lived."

Amidst the chaos, the song became a prayer and a lifeline for Oginni.

She explains, "In all that chaos, I had to choose to trust God, to believe that He had me in the palm of His Hand, a shelter for me, my hiding place. Even when He lets us go through something like the pandemic, trusting Him is our only recourse because He's just refining us like fire that purifies gold."

"Through the Fire" is more than just a song; it's a beacon of hope. Oginni hopes that it becomes an anthem for listeners, helping them persevere through tough seasons.

"I hope this song can become your anthem too, a song that helps you persevere through the tough seasons, to take comfort in the fact that with Him, we don't need to fight or strive. Sometimes, just being still in His presence is what we need to do to see Him show up and completely blow our minds."

Produced by the talented Emmanuel Awipi, known for his exceptional work, the single combines contemporary and timeless sounds. The track’s rich instrumentation and Oginni’s emotive vocals create an immersive listening experience that is sure to resonate with audiences. Listen here.

The Harmony and Healing Project

"Through the Fire" is the fourth single in Oginni's ongoing Harmony and Healing Project, a series aimed at improving mental health through music and mental health skills. The project focuses on providing solace and strength to those facing mental health challenges, using the transformative power of music.

Oginni elaborates on the project's mission:

"This song is a reflection of my personal journey through difficult times. It’s about recognizing that even in our darkest moments, there is a constant presence guiding us and giving us strength. I hope this song encourages everyone to trust and find peace, no matter what they’re going through."

For more information about Ebi Oginni and the Harmony and Healing Project, visit her website

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact Ebi.

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