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Reblah Releases New Album: Holy Impact - a musical offering of God's divine faithfulness

Reblah Releases New Album: Holy Impact

Award-winning UK artist Reblah has released a new album titled "Holy Impact," and it's all fans hoped it would be! Genres include Rap, Pop, RnB, Afrobeat, Drill & Worship.

The project was inspired by a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit in July 2020, unveiling a transformative musical journey titled "Holy Impact." The revelation of this title lingered in Reblah's mind until 2023 when a divine directive came to manifest it into a 12-track album (a number deeply symbolic in Hebrew, associated with power and the establishment of God's Kingdom).

In a prayerful consultation, Reblah decided to release the album last Friday, February 23rd, 2024, preceded by strategically chosen singles. Amidst the creative process, the artist faced personal loss, including that of his Christian mentor, Bishop Reverend Bennett Olabayo who discipled Reblah.

"Holy Impact" not only pushes the boundaries of Reblah's artistic expression but also signifies a commitment to elevate studio quality and production. Esteemed in Christ, the artist embarked on a global collaboration effort, reaching out to global Gospel artists. Miraculously, each petitioned feature, including Jenge, Coco Dupree, Marie Love, Becca Folkes, Rehmahz, Ryan Hylton, Marizu, Shirlvin Desir, Nashbi, and Zelijah Tishbite, became a reality.

Acknowledging the tireless efforts of the project's labourers, Reblah extends gratitude to producers, engineers, and musicians, including TBabz, R-Scar, ST-Saint, Scotty C, and Ice Pop Entertainment.

"Holy Impact is not just an album; it's a spiritual offering aiming to glorify the name of King Jesus (Yahweh saves) and leave an indelible mark in the scene."

Reblah, alongside the faithful collaborators, invites audiences to experience the divine resonance and impact of this musical journey.

Link available for all streaming platforms: Holy Impact

About Reblah

2023 Urban Music Awards Best Gospel Act, MOBO Nominated, Multi-Award-winning Christian artist Reblah was born and raised in London UK. He was established in the foundations of the UK underground Grime and Rap scene. He has profound talent with an abundance of wisdom and technical lyrical flows within his music. His Ancestry lineage stems from Africa, Nigeria. This inspired him to be one of the UK’s first Afro-sounding creatives in the music industry inspiring and collaborating with some of the UK’s elite, successful artists and producers to date. Some of Reblah’s career successes within music include winning Best Gospel Hip-Hop/Grime Artist and Best Gospel Music Video of the Year in 2021 with his single Messiah for the Gospel’s TMMP Awards. His God-given talent has been acknowledged for winning Rap competitions over the years and having successful songs on TV, radio, and other media-inspired channels.

Throughout his musical journey, his music has been supported by some of the UK’s biggest entertainment online platforms such as Link Up TV, Rapzilla, GRM Daily, Gospel Hydration, Press Play, Mixtape Madness, SBTV, and many more. Reblah’s life is a testament to being a dedicated Christian artist endeavoring to follow a life in the steps of his Master, King Jesus Christ, and is now using his gift to share the Gospel globally, serving others and saving souls for God's everlasting glory. Reblah will continue to strive for excellence being a positive role model within the community, as he preaches and shares the Gospel and does his best to empower those who come along his path. His goal is to raise the standards in music of Faith supporting many to find their purpose in God to fulfil their destinies.

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