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Rae Rae teases new music - Serenity

Consistency is key for any major artist to strive, we are therefore so excited Rae Rae is wasting no time hot on the promo for her new single - Serenity. Her last effort was the critically acclaimed debut EP, "Conversation" which was released late 2020.

Serenity means the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled, so what could the "Know you more" songstress be talking about on this new single?

She explains briefly below:

This one is close to my heart ❤️ Even when so much is going on or things don’t quite make sense, I thank God for the PEACE He gives🙏🏻 As I think about God’s peace, I feel like everything is ok because I’ve got Him. God gives me a sense of Serenity 🕊

Friday could not come any sooner, keep it locked here at HFPMusic City for the official release.

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