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Part 1 - O Come All Ye Faithful (Bless The Lord) live at St. Paul’s Cathedral -The Spirituals Choir

Junior Garr has once again, brought together ‘The Spirituals’ choir for a special Christmas performance titled “4 Carols 4 Christmas”. Solidifying their niche, this series of performances reimagine traditional carols which are bound to uplift the nation with a message of comfort and joy as this turbulent year comes to a close.

4 Carols 4 Christmas is a series of performances Hosted by Rev. Jamie Haith - Vicar of Midtown London Church, these performance of well-loved, traditional Christmas carols have been reimagined and performed in the historic & iconic, St. Paul’s Cathedral. Be uplifted with the message of comfort and joy in these Christmas carols, which are premiering at 7pm, every Tuesday leading up to Christmas.

Here is the first episode - O Come All Ye Faithful and (Bless The Lord) written by Junior Garr and also arranged by Junior Garr & Marsha B Morrison

Tune in tonight for episode 2

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