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New Sound Alert: One Dance by K-Anthony and Cree Summer Rey !

K-Anthony and Cree Summer Rey join forces in new single "One Dance."

Song story

The concept of the "one dance" symbolizes the initial intimate encounter with God, marking the transition from relying on parental or other person’s faith to cultivating a personal relationship and trust with the divine. It is akin to stepping onto the dance floor with God as your partner, following His lead as He guides and nurtures you along the way.

About K-Anthony

K-Anthony's early musical experiences began in the church he attended in his youth, located in Falmouth, Jamaica. He is influenced by the island music, and you can hear his love of reggae and R&B. His strong musicality shows his classical training gained through his Bachelor of Arts degree in music. K-Anthony’s songs are well crafted with the lyrics front and center with a decidedly optimistic tone, but the underlying theme of his music is his love for God and hope for the future. K-Anthony has a strong desire to bring that hope and sense of purpose in life to young people who feel lost and he uses his message to bring inspiration to others. K-Anthony is honored and humbled to be a 2021 JUNO Award nominee, the 2023 GMA Gospel Artist of the Year, and the 2024 JUNO Award recipient for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Artist of the Year.

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About Cree Summer Rey

A born and raised New Yorker. Amidst the bustling streets and diverse cultures, Cree’s upbringing in New York has been integral to who she is today. Emerging from a musically inclined family, it’s inevitable that she would be drawn to the art of singing. At the core of her journey is her deep connection to the church, where she cultivated her passion for music and found her voice. For over 15 years, Cree has immersed herself in the world of professional background vocals, traveling the world, and lending her voice to an array of projects and performances. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of working with some of the industry's most renowned artists including H.E.R., Alicia Keys, Erica Cambell, Harry Connick Jr, Madison Beer and others. From live shows to studio recordings Cree has graced the stages of iconic venues, television shows, movies, and more. As she continues to evolve as a solo artist and release Inspirational music, she remains grounded in the values instilled in her. But more than anything, Cree aims to uplift and inspire people through music.

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