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New ShofarBand album – Welcome Home (Live at Zeal ’23)

South African worship and songwriting collective, ShofarBand release their latest full-length album, "Welcome Home (Live at Zeal ‘23). Known for crafting Scripture-saturated songs for congregational worship, the collective's new album is a compilation of testimonies gathered during songwriting camps, worship team training, and tours, including visits to the USA

The team writes songs that are saturated with Scripture for the Church to sing. Since their first live album in 2011, they have released an Afrikaans album, two studio albums, an EP, and several singles.

Recorded live at the Zeal ‘23 Worship Conference, the album features sixteen tracks, offering over two hours of music, including brand-new worship songs, covers, and favorites from previous projects. Led by guest artists like James Pringle and Stella, ShofarBand aims to capture authentic, live worship with an 11-piece band, showcasing spontaneous moments and a blend of acoustic and electric instruments. The release is anticipated to create a space for powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit and expressions of love, thanksgiving, and surrender to Jesus during corporate and private worship settings.

ShofarBand leader James Pringle says,

“It’s our prayer that these songs would give language to express our love, thanksgiving, and surrender to Jesus. That they would be sung together on Sundays and in private at home. That they would enlarge our view of the love and holiness of God, and create space for powerful encounters with His Holy Spirit.”

The music tells the story of a God who is both transcendent and intimate, both high above and near to us.


1. All Our Days (ft. Shaun Kwela)

2. Christ the Lord (ft. Jason K. George)

3. A Holy Moment (spontaneous) (ft. James Pringle, Janine Price, Jason K. George)

4. Majesty (Prayer) (ft. James Pringle)

5. Majesty (ft. James Pringle)

6. All Hail King Jesus & Fix Our Eyes (spontaneous) (ft. James Pringle, Lizaan Raath)

7. All I Can Say (Thank You) (ft. Remo Baeza Basigalupo)

8. We Give Our Lives (ft. James Pringle, Janine Price)

9. Touch of Heaven & We Give Our Lives (Reprise) (ft. James Pringle, Janine Price)

10. King Eternal (ft. Remo Baeza Basigalupo)

11. Light of the World (ft. Lizaan Raath)

12. We Lift You Up (Extended) (ft. Angelique McKenzie, Jason K. George)

13. Welcome Home (Extended) (ft. Jason K. George)

14. Your Name (ft. Jason K. George)

15. Welcome Home (Radio Edit) (ft. Jason K. George)

16. We Lift You Up (Radio Edit) (ft. Angelique McKenzie)

Keep an eye on the team’s social media for upcoming tours and album launches: Facebook Instagram     YouTube

For more info, contact ShofarBand leader James Pringle here

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